Relevant Law Enforcement Agencies

Relevant Law Enforcement Agencies

Relevant Law Enforcement Agencies are provided to rapidly identify law enforcement agencies in relevant proximity to a candidate's former residences or colleges attended. This item is accessible from the investigation areas menu on the case main screen. When opened, the list will be unpopulated until you select the button labeled Create List. The system uses a public API call to find zip codes near the provided residences and colleges, then looks in a master list for law enforcement agencies in any of those zip codes. The main intended purpose is to provide the investigator with tools to identify these agencies and generate inquiries in fax or email form.

Currently, our master list does not include fax numbers or email addresses since these are not included in publicly available databases. We do intend to make the master list updatable by the user so that this information can be "crowd-sourced" over time. However, if you obtain the information, you can update your list with it. Just note that if you recreate the list, your changes with be flushed.

The list can access your form letters, which are MS Word documents created outside of POBITS that contain <<tags>> for inserting relevant information in order to generate a letter or fax request to the agency. When uploading a form letter for this purpose, set the context to "Relevant LE Agency" using the drop list. End users will not know the exact tags to use so we provide a list of common tags below. If you need to access something not listed, please send a support request and we'll help you with it. All tags are enclosed in double GT/LT symbols (example, <<tag>>). For the Candidates, attributes begin with Candidate.something, like <<Candidate.FullName>>. For Case attributes, they begin with PHS. For Organization attributes, they begin with Organization, and for Investigator attributes, they begin with Investigator. Each Tag used must be a perfect match including the case. Below are several examples:

Candidate Attributes
Case Attributes
Investigator Attributes
Organization Attributes








Additionally, the full list can be exported using the Export List function and be used for any number of uses within the MS Office or other tool suite.

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